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“Zena” is now 11 months old. She is an outstanding German Shepherd dog and
family member. Her job is to secure our home when we are away and to join us and our retriever/mix male on daily adventures. She is always eager to play and seems oblivious to the freezing, outdoor weather. She joins me on long walks to our mailbox and trips around the property, each morning. She has great energy and is a wonderful companion.

 We thank you for providing Zena to us. We would certainly recommend Sand Hill German Shepherds to anyone seeking a championship quality pup.
                                                                                           12-8 Zena--11mo.
                                                                        Phil and Gail Sampsell



Hello Mr. & Mrs. Erb,
Thank you again for such a very, very, intelligent puppy.  “Jake” from the first night on March 11, 2010 went to bed in his
new dog crate without making any noise what so ever.  He is very well behaved and has learned commands like sit, down, stay,
come, (Jake also knows “come” in Polish (Chodz tutaj) which sounds like Hot’ch to-tie.  I would definitely recommend anyone looking for a German Shepherd Dog to vist Sandhillgermansherperds.com because these pups you raise are just the most
intelligent pups.  Jake’s is going to be a very well behaved dog, and just the smartest as he matures.
Thank You,
John & Sophie Janowski  
                                    ” Jake”     
I have recommended and will continue to recommend Sand Hill German Shepherds to people who are looking to adopt a quality German Shepherd puppy.  Paul and Dana Erb are conscientious dog breeders who live in a comfortable country setting with kennel facilities that are spacious, clean, and safe.  My dog, Brunswick, born in June 2009 continues to impress me and others with his intelligence and handsome good looks.  From the day I brought him home he readily adapted to my home, my lifestyle and my truck.  He is inquisitive and friendly, and has just recently come to recognize his role as a watchdog.  We’re going through obedience now and it just keeps getting better.
Tim W. Kendall                                                                                             Brunswick                                                                                                                                         Brunswick
   If anyone is looking at purchasing a German Shepherd I would definitely contact sandhillgermanshepherds.com as you will not be disappointed!Thanks and we will keep you updated.

Brad, Brandy, Drew, Elizabeth and Cassidy

                                            ” Harli ”                                            

    Paul and Dana are salt of the earth people and have a very nice home with kennels that are spotless clean.  They are responsible breeders, which was very important to us as we did a lot of research before picking Max.  I was impressed at how healthy Bella looked after caring for her pups and what a good momma she was.  Bruno the daddy is very handsome and I liked his personality.  Max is the perfect companion for us, we feel very safe with him around.  He lets us know before we even hear that someone is driving up with his deep commanding bark, yet calms right down when we tell him “Good boy, it’s okay”.  He was so easy to train and wonderful around our toddler grandchildren.  He is our gentle giant that plays well with others!  When we take him out he turns heads and get compliments on how handsome and well behaved he is.  Max does us proud!

” Max “

                                                                                                                    Bill and Donna Meier
                                                                                                                        Twin Lakes, Mi
Having such a young family, my wife and I decided to bring in german shepherd for companionship and protection. This wasn’t an easy choice for us, but Paul and Dana were very thorough. After calling multiple breeders I finally felt safe choosing from Sand Hill German Shepherds because they cared about the home that their pups were going to. In the end, my pregnant wife, our two children and I traveled 10hrs, 3 states to pick up our pup “Kia” at around 12 weeks old. Now that Kia is nearing 2 years old we still talk regularly to Paul and Dana and recommend them to anyone looking for a K9 family member.

Jeff, Shannon, Haven, Elijah, Trinity, and our shepherd “Kia”

He is so handsome.  He has never given us one problem.   He attended his first puppy class when he was eight weeks old and was the star of the class.  He went thru the advanced class at sixteen weeks and again passed with flying colors.  Next week he is starting agility training.    He runs with us daily and is up to 6 miles.   He loves everyone he meets.  People are amazed by his laid back personality.  He is pure JOY. Dana said he was a lover and he is.  Sandhill German Shepherds produce the most loving and gentle giants you will ever find.

Dayle and Karen Hadden

From the very beginning Paul and Dana were incredibly helpful in our search for a German Shepherd puppy.  We were able to stop by numerous times to see the dogs, and eventually to visit our own puppy.  Our dog Ruger is perfect!  He is incredibly smart and follows commands very well.  He was house trained within a week and continues to pick up new commands every day.  However, it was his gentle nature that had us falling in love. He is an incredibly loving dog, and we constantly get compliments on his both his appearance and behavior.  We would highly recommend Sand Hill German Shepherds to anyone looking for a truly amazing companion!

-Josh and Samantha Wiese




I had owned German shepherds in the past and even had the opportunity to raise one that is now a police K9, but all my previous shepherds were given to me.  So, when it came time to get a puppy I didn’t know any breeders.  I researched many breeders online, in particular those in Michigan.  There were a few kennels, which seemed quite reputable and had puppies available, but I kept going back to the available litter at Sand Hill German Shepherds.  I researched Buzz and Mya’s pedigrees and was very impressed.  Both dogs had also been tested for DM prior to breeding, which I also really liked.

I met Paul and Dana the day I went to look at the two remaining available puppies from the Buzz/Mya litter.  Their kennels were immaculate and Mya was a great dog.  Her puppies were gorgeous (there were still five or six pups waiting to go to their new homes).  The puppies were obviously all healthy and happy, well-rounded pups.

I purchased the remaining solid black, male pup.  I took Repo home with me that day; he was eight weeks old.  By the end of the day, he had already mastered going in and out of the doggy door.  He has continued to impress me each day.  At this moment he is only eight months old, but I know he will turn into a wonderful adult dog.  He was on-leash obedience trained by three months of age and off leash trained at 7 months.  He gets along with other dogs, although sometimes he needs to be reminded he isn’t in charge of everything.  He also is very friendly to people.  He is what a German shepherd should be!  I highly recommend Paul and Dana of Sand Hill German Shepherds if you are in the market for a German Shepherd that epitomizes the breed.

Barbara Beers

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